Thank you for your interest in an AGEF grant! We are grateful for Avon Grove's talented and dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to engage and inspire students. 

AGEF promotes community involvement in education by channeling donations from businesses and individuals to provide funds for innovative school and classroom projects that will enhance student learning experiences. We help teachers realize their visions for creative and innovative teaching and learning beyond the constraints and limitations of a school budget. 

Our grant program prioritizes projects that use creative, meaningful, and innovative learning to help students become tomorrow's leaders through the development of 21st century skills and knowledge. Our primary focus for funding is to pilot cutting edge programs, explore the use of novel methods and materials in the teaching and learning process, and to investigate educational programs for professional development.

Have a great idea but still have some questions? Click below for answers to frequently asked questions, including details regarding the grant application process, grant proposal evaluation and selection criteria,  the responsibilities of grant recipients and who to contact if you have additional questions.

Ready to apply? Click below to download our Application Form. Submit completed applications and any supporting documents to AGEF.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Grants are awarded in June (submit application by April 1) and December (submit application by October 1).



What is the purpose of AGEF?

The Avon Grove Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded to expand and enhance educational opportunities for Avon Grove students. Our volunteer board consists of community members, teachers, parents, and students who are committed to making our local education the best it can be, and are dedicated to ensuring all Avon Grove students are supported to achieve their dreams.

The Avon Grove Education Foundation funds innovative school and classroom projects to enhance learning experiences. We help teachers realize their vision for student learning beyond the constraints and limitations of a school budget. We are grateful for Avon Grove’s talented and dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to engage and inspire students.

Who can apply for an AGEF Grant?

Grant proposals are welcome from any staff member of the Avon Grove School District, including teachers, professional aides, administrators, and non-teaching staff. Students, parents, and other members of the community are encouraged to collaborate with AGSD staff in designing and developing worthy projects. Grant requests from such collaborative efforts  are welcome. AGEF also encourages collaboration across grade levels, schools, and departments.

What kind of grants does AGEF fund?

The grant program prioritizes projects that use creative, meaningful and innovative learning to help students become tomorrow’s leaders and to develop 21st century skills and knowledge. This includes:
  • Piloting trial curriculum
  • Guest speakers to aid in the teaching and learning process
  • Exploration of innovative learning devices and technology
  • Teacher professional development

Pilot curriculum programs will bring innovative curriculum, teaching methods, and materials to teaching and learning in Avon Grove.  

Guest speakers will expose students to outside experts and create enhanced opportunities for learning.

Exploration of innovative learning devices and technology to aid in the teaching and learning  process will expand student access to materials and/or bring in new devices/technology.  

Pilot educational programs for teacher professional development will allow educators to explore new and innovative areas of professional teacher learning.

What will not be funded?

Grant applications should enhance and/or broaden student knowledge, develop and refine teaching techniques, and provide teachers with opportunities that will support and/or enrich the curriculum to encourage lifelong learning and leadership. AEGF does not fund grants associated with the following:
  • Basic school needs/supplies.
  • Professional development that is not for a new or innovative program.
  • Books, technology, or equipment that replaces materials for existing programs.
  • Expansion of the quantity of existing technology in the absence of a new innovative use or need.
  • Ongoing funding for existing programs.
  • Transportation for students or staff (performer or expert travel fees will be considered).
  • Food for grant participants unless integral to the grant implementation.
  • Substitute teachers.
  • Previously approved projects at the same school.
  • Any expenses incurred before a grant has been approved.

What is the process to apply for an AGEF grant?

Before applying for a grant, please discuss the project with your school administrators. All grant proposals must have approval and support from the principal of the school where the project will take place. If a project is to occur at multiple buildings, administrative approval is required from each building principal.

Once you are ready to apply, download and complete the AGEF Grant Application which can be found
here. Please keep in mind that you are competing for grant money and we encourage you to put your best efforts into the application. Once completed, please share your application, as well as any additional attachments/supporting documents, with us at  [email protected].

AGEF accepts proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year and awards grants bi-annually in December and June. Applications should be received by April 1 to be considered for a June decision, or by October 1 to be considered for a December decision.

What amount should I apply for? Is there a limit?

There is no set amount that is typically awarded. The number of awards will depend on the quality of application received and on funds available from the foundation. Proposals are encouraged to reflect true estimates of costs needed to maintain the integrity of proposed outcomes. AGEF may not be able to fund all requests or be able to fund applications to the full amount requested. Small grants are just as likely to be awarded as large grants.

What is the selection criteria that AGEF uses to evaluate grant applications?

Applications are first reviewed by the Needs & Grants Committee and recommendations are made to the AGEF Board for final approval twice a year. The selection criteria is based directly on the questions asked of applicants in application:
  • The extent to which the proposed grant is consistent with AGEF’s mission.
  • The extent to which the proposed project advances educational opportunities or improves outcomes for students.
  • The extent to which the project provides educational benefits for students.
  • The extent to which the project will be sustained.
  • The extent to which a specific educational issue is being addressed.
  • The extent to which the project advances creative, meaningful, and real world student experiences.
  • The extent to which the implementation plan is feasible.
  • The extent to which the project budget is realistic.
  • The extent to which the project evaluation plan considers the impact on student learning.

How will I know if I've been awarded a grant? When will I hear? When will the funds become available?

Decisions are made twice a year (December and June). Applicants will be notified by email of decisions. All awards will be managed by AGEF and funds typically become available within a month of the AGEF Board decision.

What are the responsibilities of the grant recipients?

Implement and publicize your creative, funded idea!
  • Be sure to photograph and publicize your project. Some ideas include, but are not limited to: school website, school and district newsletters, school and community social media accounts, local papers, or other media. Don’t forget to share with AGEF!
  • Include the following statement when writing or speaking about your grant: “This project is funded by a grant from the Avon Grove Education Foundation.”
In addition to implementing the proposed project effectively, all grant recipients are required to do the following:
  • Seek approval from AGEF for any changes in the implementation or focus of the project.
  • Notify AGEF if you will be leaving the school system before the project is completed.
  • Complete the grant project within 12 months of being awarded the grant or the money will return to AGEF.
  • Submit a detailed final budget for the project along with the summary report.

I have more questions. Who can I contact to help me with the application process?

We encourage you to reach out with questions! Please feel free to contact one of our teacher board members who are a wealth of information and assistance, or contact the chair of the Needs and Grants Committee with any of your questions.

Brenda Deaner
AGIS Teacher & AGEF Board Member
[email protected]

Carolyn Hammerschmidt
Parent & Needs and Grants Committee Chair
[email protected]

Tracy Litchfield
AGIS Teacher & AGEF Board Member
[email protected]

Nancy Rowan
AGIS Teacher & AGEF Board Member
[email protected]